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Product Description

Natural Stride for Livestock
Natural Stride is a proprietary blend of uniquely balanced ingredients, carefully designed for greater relief from swelling, painful joints, faster recovery times and superior performance in young and old animals alike. 

Natural Stride can enhance mobility and flexibility while protecting structural integrity in all classes of livestock. Natural Stride features the proven natural ingredient Cetyl Myristoleate (100% vegetable derived) - a powerful new nutraceutical for superior joint relief and performance-in unique combination with other ALL NATURAL proven joint health ingredients Without question in the show ring today soundness is a necessity and with the advancements in genetics and performance we have stressed the structure of livestock to the limits. As we continue to push the show animal of today to its highest potential we will also see more and more movement problems. Whether it's swelling, flexibility, joint pain or just wear and tear, Natural Stride is your answer. This revolutionary, one-of-a-kind formula has led to dramatic results. In addition, Natural Stride stands alone as being one of the first and ONLY joint supplements on the market without Glucosamine or MSM. The show industry has seen huge improvements in their animals' mobility due to Natural Stride. After years of using Glucosamine and MSM products that are not even labeled for cattle, sheep, or swine, finally an ALL NATURAL product that can work without worry of label restrictions. In most cases, it has been found, many people are completely UNAWARE to the fact that GLUCOSIMINE or MSM is not approved for the use in today's show animals. You now have a option to protect yourself, your child, and your show animals with Natural Stride. Natural Stride is used and recommended by veterinarians and industry professionals on young and old animals alike. It's designed for greater joint health on those who are subject to greater joint stress such as those using paylean, optiflex, or other muscle enhancement products.

Industry's only 100% Plant-Based Source of Cetyl Myristoleate Eliminates Worries of Feeding Beef-Based Products to Livestock 
100% of the cetyl myristoleate in Natural Stride comes from the African kombo nut (wild nutmeg). This is a patent-pending feature and innovation available only in Natural Stride. Unlike using the more common beef-based source of cetyl myristoleate, Natural Stride offers a level of confidence and peace of mind that other joint supplements simply cannot match. Thanks to our exclusive plant-based kombo nut source of cetyl myristoleate, you don't have to worry about BSE or other potentially harmful substances such as animal viruses, residual steroids, growth hormones, antibiotics and other fragments that can occur in beef-derived products.

Maximum Potency 
Natural Stride is manufactured in granular form to ensure maximum potency and the greatest benefits for your livestock. How? Because in its granular form, Natural Stride is not subjected to the potentially degrading effects of heat and pressure required to create pelleted products. As an esterified fatty acid, cetyl myristoleate has a unique molecular structure, which gives it very specific properties in the body. Changing its structure (through heat, pressure or other means) can diminish its effects and potency in the body as a nutraceutical. So we leave it just the way it's supposed to be. Unlike most nutrients, your livestock cannot manufacture cetyl myristoleate in its body. It must be supplied and it must remain intact. By eliminating the high heat and pressure involved in pelleting, you can be sure that the cetyl myristoleate in Natural Stride is delivering the greatest benefits to your animal.

Unique Formulation with High Palatability 
Natural Stride is uniquely formulated for optimum results. That includes added molasses to help ensure your animal consumes the full dose. In fact, we've seen livestock "lick the bowl" to get the last few granules at the bottom of the feeder! 

"Natural Stride has been beneficial in our program not only dealing with joint issues but as a preventative also. We use it with confidence." 
Kirk Stierwalt – Leedey, OK 

"The day they go into our show barn is the day they are started on Natural Stride. We don't have one in the barn that is not on it." 
Bob May- Mineral Point, WI 

"Natural Stride is a necessity for our families... period. After searching for supplements to help with movement & joint issues; we have finally found one that works - Natural Stride." 
Zach Gray, IL 

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